Watch Res Diff 2020


Brett Collins, “Institutionalizing Justice: Towards a Racially-Conscious Classics”

Ian Lockey, “Confronting Res Difficiles Through Reading Reflections” | Slides

Joseph Romero, “Walking with the Cleopatra Ode (Hor. carm. 1.37), Then and Now”

Kelly Dugan, “Antiracism & Restorative Justice in Classics Pedagogy: Race, Slavery, and the Function of Language in Beginning Greek and Latin Textbooks” | Slides

Alicia Matz and Torie Burmeister, “Hestia: Graduate Student Self-Taught Pedagogy” | Handout

Carina Moss, “Teaching Lucretia: Addressing Sexual Violence as a Responsible Pedagogy” | Handout

Keynote by Dani Bostick, “From Awareness to Action: Using Your Power To Transform Classics”