By registering for Res Difficiles 3, you agree to abide by the following standards for the conference. Please read these carefully before clicking on the link to register below.

Res Difficiles Community Standards*

The purpose of the Res Difficiles conference series is to create a space where those who study and teach the ancient Greco-Roman world can address inequities within the field of Classics. As the nature of this work is inherently challenging, we ask our panelists and participants alike to meet the following standards, designed to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, as well as to help us navigate the potential conflicts which arise when we gather together to have difficult conversations.

Take care of yourself. Res Difficiles is a day-long event, and you do not need to attend every session. Take breaks when you need to. With the consent of individual speakers, video recordings of the papers will be available after the conference – so if you need to skip a paper or two, you will be able to revisit them.

– Be respectful. If you are presenting a paper, please be mindful of how you discuss difficult material. If you are a participant, please be respectful with your questions or comments, and with how you use the chat. The Res Difficiles co-organizers will remove anyone who demonstrates intent to harm any presenter or participant or whose behavior threatens to derail the conference as a whole. The co-organizers also reserve the right not to publish video recordings of papers which do not meet the standards of safety and respect.

– Ask questions before assuming. The best way to understand choices, actions, or intentions is by asking. Default to direct communication before a public “call-out.” When offering critical feedback, do so with the belief that people can change; when receiving critical feedback, listen to others with a willingness to change.

– Live-tweet with care. We welcome and encourage live-tweeting of the conference on the hashtag #ResDiff3, but we ask our participants to use care with how they represent the work and experiences of others. Please do not record or screenshot any session without notification or consent.

– If you need something at the conference, ask for it! Email us at or

*The Res Diff. Standards are modeled upon the Community Agreements of the Allied Media Conference. We express our gratitude to AMC for presenting their guidelines, designed to create safe and respectful digital gatherings, as an exemplar. We thank Kelly Dugan for her expertise and help in the creation of these guidelines.